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Public Access

I have successfully completed the Bar Council’s training programme and am licensed to accept instructions directly from members of the public.  Although this is a relatively new scheme, I have already undertaken a number of cases under this scheme, including:

A Magistrates’ Court v R: Avoiding a custodial sentence for a father who was many thousand of pounds in default of a maintenance order in the USA.

M v M: Representing a Mother seeking to avoid contact between her son and his father.

A v B: Representing a wife in complex ancillary relief proceedings.

Public Access  has a number of advantages to you:

  1. You will meet me at a very early stage and we can work together to take the important decisions relating to strategy and tactics that may influence how your case will finally be determined.

  1. You will receive advice directly from me regarding the strength of the evidence for and against your case. 

  1. Important decisions, which may have far-reaching consequences, can be taken together and at an early stage.

  1. You will have the added benefit of knowing from the outset that I will be your barrister and that I will engage in negotiations and prepare appropriate documents for you.

The early involvement of an barrister can bring enormous benefits to you, both as to the strategy deployed when dealing with the important early stages of the case and to the final result.
It may be that your case is not suitable for the direct instruction, or that it becomes necessary to instruct a solicitor at a particular point. Should the instruction of a solicitor become necessary then I will advise you and together with our clerks we will be able to identify and instruct an appropriately expert firm. 

My terms of instruction and fees will be clearly set out in a letter of appointment. 

For further information about instructing me directly please contact my Practice Director, John Killgallon on 0151 242 0700 or email him directly. He will be able to discuss the facts of your case with you and explain what fees may be charged and when.

Details of the Bar Council’s guidance on how the scheme works can be found here.


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